Optimize Costs and 10X Your Business Productivity with AI.

Optimize Costs and 10X Your Business Productivity with AI.

Achieve never-seen levels of productivity gains and operational cost reductions with AI agents and AI process automation.

For optimizing costs and 10x productivity
Automate your business processes using generative AI to supercharge business operations.
For creating an AI agent workforce
Create and introduce an AI agent workforce into your business to run a highly efficient workforce around the clock.


Optimize costs and 10x your business productivity
Use AI to transform the way your business functions. Utilizing artificial intelligence, it's possible to enhance workflows, cut down on expenses, diminish errors, and boost efficiency across the board.
Delivering Great Experiences

Introducing Merlo AI for IT Help Desk


Introduce AI agents to take on some of the workload from your existing team to scale faster.
Utilizing our advanced AI agent, Merlo AI, we empower businesses to automate diverse job roles, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. Merlo AI is designed to work autonomously or alongside your existing workforce, adapting seamlessly to your specific business needs.



Create your own AI strategy to reach business goals faster with generative AI
Creating your own AI strategy is crucial for businesses, driving innovation and competitive advantage with new technologies and data insights while boosting efficiency and cutting costs through automation.
What is B2B CX Strategy


We are best at what we do, combining decades of process automation experience with generative AI expertise.
We work with organizations who are serious about security and the quality of the outcomes.
Decades of Experience
Decades of experience working with global giants transforming their businesses using technologies such as AI.
End to End Support
Providing you with complete end-to-end transformation support to keep things lean and deliver the best results.
Lower Risk
Our mature process and business analyst expertise will deliver more accountability until completion.
Matured Process
Having worked with industry giants, we have the perfect process when it comes to introducing generative AI.

Founders Message

Dasun Premadasa

I’ve started DAS CX, a Business Analysis consulting firm in 2021 to help Australian companies to improve capabilities and deliver great CX.

Through DAS CX I bring 2 decades of experience and the skills which helped global manufacturing and automotive giants with building technology capabilities to delivering great experiences to their customers and employees. 

Our mission is to help companies globally to become the preferred vendor in their industry by delivering the best customer experience for their B2B customers.

Dasun Premadasa
Founder & Principal Consultant

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